In a world where getting access to credit facilities is tied to a person’s credit rating, getting access to credit facilities from high street banks is becoming increasingly difficult. The situation is further compounded especially when you have a history of defaults or simply unemployed. While this used to be a major source of stress in the past, the introduction of bad credit loans into the UK market was a breath of fresh air. It in essence, brought about a drastic shift in how people were vetted whenever they wanted access to credit facilities.

At house Loans, we are specifically well known for the provision of doorstep loans for unemployed people. As a respectable and credible UK provider, we strongly hold the opinion that everyone should be entitled to a credit facility as and when they need it the state of their credit rating notwithstanding. For a long time, UK citizens who are disabled, incapacitated, unemployed and reeling from bad credit were on the receiving end every time they sought for a loan or even a phone contract.

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They were deemed the scum of the society and suffered discrimination every time they were in a fix and needed money urgently. Emphasis was on having a good credit score and even those individuals whose credit rating took a nosedive as a result of credit crunch, loss of jobs or even old age were treated as if they were financially irresponsible. Well, thanks to the burgeoning of bad credit loan providers in the UK, such people now have reason to smile.

Since inception, we at House Loans have been leading from the front. We have in essence changed the narrative and helped thousands of UK citizens get access to cheap and affordable doorstep loans from the comfort of their homes. Unlike other providers who promise heaven and deliver the earth, we mean what we say and say what we mean. We understand that the issue of unemployment is real and people sometimes find themselves in unfamiliar territories as far as finances are concerned.

We also understand that some people are disabled and therefore do not have the luxury of moving around to inquire about doorstep loans or even any other types of bad credit loans. To that we tell you not to be worried as our doorstep loan agents have what it takes, the know-how, the skills and the will to come right into your home and get you approved for a loan without moving an inch.

From the very first day we started operations, we have been true to our mission and vision, took measures to educate our customers regarding doorstep loans and put in place measures to ensure that our customers make informed and prudent financial decisions. Our doorstep loans for the unemployed are affordably priced, competitive and designed with the interests of our customers in mind. At House Loans, we are not only open but also honest in every aspect. We actually tell you the exact cost of the doorstep loan you are about to take, the benefits as well as the risks.

We strongly hold the opinion that the well-being of our customers duly informs our success in the long run and that is why we endeavour to give our customers professional customer advice before approving their loan applications. Add to that the fact that we process applications within minutes provided that a person meets the set criteria and you get to understand why we are one of the top providers in the market. In addition to that, we also endeavour to enlighten our customers on other important bad credit loans such as logbook loans. If you are also considering taking out a logbook loan or would simply want to learn more about it, be sure to visit and get all the information you need! Contact us today and we promise you that you will enjoy the most affordable doorstep loans for the unemployed.